Because People Matter
We're in the people business. We just happen to sell groceries.
Because People Matter
We're in the people business. We just happen to sell groceries.

Our Values

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  • Heart - H-E-B Careers


  • Drive - H-E-B Careers


  • Innovation - H-E-B Careers


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Service - H-E-B Careers


Heart - H-E-B Careers


Drive - H-E-B Careers


Innovation - H-E-B Careers


Commitment - H-E-B Careers


Community - H-E-B Careers



At H-E-B, we believe grocery shopping is more than an errand. That’s why it’s our pledge to always go above and beyond. Here, we think like the customer, not about the customer.


People matter. Here, people are at the heart of every decision made and everything we do – no store cares more.


Competition drives us, but collaboration defines us. A shared spirit drives us to work together and build a company that doesn’t just meet the Customer’s needs, it exceeds them.


We’re continuously searching for ways to serve our Partners, Customers, and Communities better and make their lives easier. Here, we are relentlessly dissatisfied with the present.


Here, we don’t need an audience to act with integrity. Because we believe you don’t need permission to do the right thing.

Giving Back to the Community is Our Way of Saying Thanks!

We make it a priority to get involved and make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors, because we believe communities should be better off by us having been there.

Diversity Matters

We understand that what makes us different makes us stronger.  That’s why our people are as diverse as our brands and unique as each store we build. We believe in the power of diversity, for not only our Partners, but also our vendors.

Bobby, Operations Leader - H-E-B Careers Bobby, Operations Leader - H-E-B Careers
  • America’s Best Employers for Diversity, 2018 - H-E-B Careers

    America’s Best Employers for Diversity 2018

  • Texas Diversity Council Diversity First Corporate Achievement Award, 2017 - H-E-B Careers

    Texas Diversity Council Diversity First Corporate Achievement Award 2017

  • Best in Business Award, 2018 - H-E-B Careers

    Best in Business Award 2018

  • Business of the Year, 2017 - H-E-B Careers

    Business of the Year 2017

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re committed to protecting and providing the best Texas has to offer. Our facilities are designed to save energy and reuse materials, we’re reducing harmful pollutants and conserving natural resources, and we’ve been recognized as one of the best in the U.S. for safety and emission reductions.

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H-E-B Plus!

We’re designing our stores and facilities to save energy and reuse materials wherever possible. For example, San Antonio stores receive between 10% and 35% of their electrical power (25 million kWh) each year from renewable sources. That’s enough to power an additional 2,000 homes annually.

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H-E-B Fleet

We have reduced our use of diesel fuel by over 830,000 gallons each year and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 8,300 tons annually, which is the same as removing 614,815 cars from the road for one day.

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H-E-B providing freshest

H‑E‑B is committed to providing the freshest, safest, and most responsibly sourced seafood. We support fisheries that are committed to improving their environmental performance and have an action plan to reach that goal.

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H-E-B supports green

H‑E‑B supports green initiatives through a variety of community partnerships in the hope of providing a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

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H-E-B Green Bag

Reduce. Reuse. Recyle. In addition to our “green bag” program, we provide in-store recycling for plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, outer wrap, 6-pack rings, and dry cleaning bags. Each store has specially marked containers for customer deposit.

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Our People

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  • Sushma, Senior Director of Product - H-E-B Careers
    Sushma, Senior Director of Product - H-E-B Careers
    Sushma, Senior Director of Product
  • Mike, Chief Product Officer - H-E-B Careers
    Mike, Chief Product Officer - H-E-B Careers
    Mike, Chief Product Officer
  • Bobby, Operations Leader - H-E-B Careers
    Bobby, Operations Leader - H-E-B Careers
    Bobby, Operations Leader

    I have been with H-E-B for thirty-three years. I started right out of high school as a Potato Bagger in the produce warehouse. Two weeks later, I moved to the Frozen Foods warehouse. My original plan was to work for H-E-B, pay for school, and go into law enforcement. I was going to be a parole officer. Throughout my education, I stayed on with H-E-B. Every break from school, I would come back and work as a lift operator. Once I graduated, I realized that I truly enjoyed working for H-E-B, and took a full time role here.

    I was working in Houston, when I needed to move back to San Antonio to be closer to family. H-E-B transferred me to Dispatch, and it was fate, I had found my calling. I immediately fell in love with Transportation! The work touches so many people, I know all the warehouses, stores, vendors, and managers. I get to wear so many hats in my job. I’m never bored because I’m constantly learning something new!

    The heart of H-E-B is giving back to the community. This company is constantly doing so much to support the communities we are a part of. Many of my favorite memories working for H-E-B are being involved in programs like the H-E-B cycle team, Cystic Fibrosis Board, Feast of Sharing, and more. I love working for company that encourages and allows its employees to spend time giving back.

    When I come to work every day, I feel like I belong and am contributing to the company. So much is invested in Partner’s training and education; it really shows how much H-E-B cares about people. If you want to be exposed to a business where you can learn and grow, from the supply chain to the stores, Transportation at H-E-B is the place you want to be!

  • Sabino, Order Selector - H-E-B Careers
    Sabino, Order Selector - H-E-B Careers
    Sabino, Order Selector

    As an order selector at the San Antonio Refrigerated Warehouse for H-E-B, it’s my job to pull the products for orders we receive from the stores. I stack the product on pallets, wrap the pallets, and set them in front of their designated door to be loaded on to the trucks. Anything you see in the store that’s cold, it came from right here in the refrigerated warehouse!

    I have been doing this for twenty-two years, and I still get a sense of pride when I see product that I pulled from the warehouse out in the stores.

    I have an evening shift, and on any given night I can pull over ten thousand pounds of product and complete between twenty to thirty orders. It sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t seem like it when you’re going through pulling a little here, a little there. You’re on your own throughout the whole shift, so as long as you are meeting the time limits, you can work at your own pace. I like the job because I really enjoy physical work that keeps me on my feet!

    My career with H-E-B has been spent as an Order Selector because I found my passion here, I truly love my job. The thing about H-E-B though, is that you don’t have to stay in the same job. H-E-B is one the greatest companies to work for because there are so many different opportunities, and this is a place where you can grow and find your passion, and your leaders not only support it, they encourage it. I love my job here at H-E-B because I’m around people that care for others!

  • Chris, Lead Overnight Stocker - H-E-B Careers
    Night Stocker
    Chris, Lead Overnight Stocker - H-E-B Careers
    Chris, Lead Overnight Stocker

    As an Overnight Stocker for H-E-B, it’s my job to make sure that all the products get stocked, and placed properly in all the aisles. Most people don’t know the speed at which we have to work throughout the night. People might think overnight stocking is a slow-paced environment, but this job is all about speed, moving quickly, being efficient with your movements, and making sure the job is done right every single time. To be successful at this job, you need to have the desire to learn the store. You must be able to stock any aisle no matter what night it is, so you are constantly learning product placement. Overnight stocking gives you the ability to learn the entire store, not just the grocery department.

    The thing I love most about my job is the teamwork. We all work together on every single aisle and we get to know each other inside and out. H-E-B hires people from all walks of life and when you come to work for this company, you become part of a family.  My fellow Partners are like my brothers and sisters now! Working together as a team is the biggest thing that motivates everybody here. It makes me love coming to work every single day.

    My favorite thing about H-E-B is the ability to move up within the company. They really invest in their people help them to grow and achieve new goals. I plan to continue to build my career here at H-E-B. I’d love to run my own store some day!

  • Robert, Director - H-E-B Careers
    IT Leadership
    Robert, Director - H-E-B Careers
    Robert, Director

    I started with H-E-B as a bagger in Waco. I was a high school senior and my first shift was a maintenance shift. I was sweeping floors and taking out trash. From there, I went into a Cashier position and moved from Waco to Austin to attend UT. In Austin, I became a Central Checkout Specialist and then moved into the School of Retail Management (SORL) program. In 2007, I got an internship at the corporate office and started with a team called, Points Club Rewards. I thought that after the internship I would be going back to stores, but there were so many fun and challenging projects that I decided to stay. My first big project was the Valued Partner Perks (VPP) program.

    In 2014, I started working more with Information Technology and had the opportunity to become a Solutions Delivery Leader. A couple months later, I started leading our mobile app team and shopper marketing teams. I was then promoted to Director of Information Technology. Being in the stores for seven years and then the marketing division for eight years helped me in a lot of ways. The true value is in the relationships I have made over the years.

    I’m in my third career here at H-E-B. In most companies, if you want to do something different, you have to leave. H-E-B is a place where you can have the traditional career path, or you can design your own. If you want to take control and manage what you do within your career, this company is where you can accomplish that. It’s something that H-E-B encourages. I like to solve problems and go onto the next one and I’ve been able to do that with H-E-B for eighteen years! I have never been in a place where I feel like what I’m doing is repetitive.

    The thing I love most about H-E-B is the openness of the company! At H-E-B, you really see the open-door policy, where you have access to company leaders and the ability be listened to. For me, that’s important because you never know where the next good idea is going to come from.

  • Janise, Food Service Rep - H-E-B Careers
    Janise, Food Service Rep - H-E-B Careers
    Janise, Food Service Rep

    I’ve always loved baking, so when a position in the bakery opened up, I jumped at the opportunity. I worked for five years as a Cashier, which gave me some great experience working with customers, which definitely helps in my job now.

    As a Food Service Rep, I get to have a part in every aspect of the bakery. Working in the bakery is not just baking bread! There’s a lot that goes into it! We do everything from the scratch baking, to things like cake decorating, presentation, wrapping, cleaning, and the customer service side of it all. I love working in the bakery because it’s fast-paced and I like being on my feet. I’m never just standing in one place doing the same thing over and over – my tasks are different through the day so shifts go by very fast! Not to mention, it always smells amazing!

    So many people come in to the bakery for special occasions. From new babies, to birthdays, to retirements, to engagements, when I help them I feel like I’m small part of the customers special event. It’s a very rewarding feeling!

    I love working for H-E-B because of all the friendly people here. We all work together as a team, there’s a nice flow, and it’s a comfortable environment to work in. I always encourage anyone interested to apply here because H-E-B cares about its people. There is a lot of opportunity to move up or try something new. H-E-B is a great company to work for, I’ve been here almost ten years and I’ve never regretted a minute of it!

  • Josue, Information Security Analyst - H-E-B Careers
    Information Security
    Josue, Information Security Analyst - H-E-B Careers
    Josue, Information Security Analyst

    When I first applied to H-E-B, I didn’t fully understand how big of a company it was. I certainly was not expecting IT to be as big and diverse as it is! Before working at H-E-B, I had reached a plateau in my career. Honestly, I felt pigeon-holed and wanted to work where there was more opportunity for movement. H-E-B has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally.

    In my previous IT jobs, I did very specific security work and every day was the same. As an Information Security Analyst at H-E-B, I work at a project level with different teams as a security liaison. Our team here is involved in helping push out all applications in a secure manner. We aren’t just protecting our customers; we are protecting our Partners as well. H-E-B is constantly innovating to keep up with the speed of the market, and my team gets to be a big part of that. In my role, I get to see what I work on being used in the store. It’s an experience unique to H-E-B.

    My favorite experiences have come from the many events that H-E-B organizes for the Partners. I’ve been a part of the softball and kickball leagues, bike rides, marathons, and been given tickets to Spurs games. They’re all events you can bring your kids to and meet others outside your department. I’ve forged a lot of very close friendships in the last seven years working for H-E-B. This is the longest I’ve worked for a company and I have no plans to leave. It’s a great place to work!

  • Charles, Own Brand Manager - H-E-B Careers
    H-E-B Own Brand
    Charles, Own Brand Manager - H-E-B Careers
    Charles, Own Brand Manager

    I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas State. During that time, I taught communications and always thought that’s what I would keep doing. After I didn’t find a teaching job, I worked in PR for a large company in California. It was there that I developed a passion for wine and worked in the wine industry for six years, doing everything from PR to brand management. When people I knew at H-E-B let me know about a job opportunity, I jumped at the chance. I grew up here, so I was familiar with the quality of H-E-B products and the special connection the company has with the community.

    As an Own Brand Manager, I develop and create a brand portfolio of all H-E-B products. The most challenging thing about the job, is the standard at which H-E-B holds its products to. If we put an H-E-B logo on a product, it must be as good as, or better than the national product. We do extensive vetting and customer testing to make sure that we live up to our standards, with 100% satisfaction guarantee placed on every product.

    H-E-B has passion. There is such a big commitment and dedication to developing great products, and to serve the community. My favorite memories working at H-E-B are of giving back to the community through the Tournament of Champions and helping at the food bank and habitat for humanity. H-E-B really lives its core value of people first.

  • Trevor, Customer Service Assistant - H-E-B Careers
    Trevor, Customer Service Assistant - H-E-B Careers
    Trevor, Customer Service Assistant

    When I first started, I was surprised by how pleasant everyone was – both the Partners and the customers we serve. Interacting with everyone is definitely the best part of my job.

    My whole job is about helping the customers. A Customer Service Assistant at H-E-B helps customers bag their items, take their items to the car, and helps with anything else they might need. My shift is usually six to eight hours here, but it goes by so fast because it’s always busy and the energy is good – it’s not a long day that you dread coming in for. My role has also given me the opportunity to work with other departments, and get a good feeling for the operations of the entire store. Every day there is someone new to talk to and something new to do. It never gets boring here!

    One of the things I like most about working for H-E-B is the opportunity they give Partners to learn and grow, and the ability to move up in the company. If you’re looking for a career, this is a great place to start. I plan to go through the leadership development programs here at H-E-B.

    I applied at H-E-B because I heard it’s the best place to work and that’s held true since day one. This is a happy place to work!

  • Leon, Software Developer - H-E-B Careers
    Software Engineering
    Leon, Software Developer - H-E-B Careers
    Leon, Software Developer

    I moved to San Antonio in 2007. I attended the University of the Incarnate Word, where I majored in Computer Information Systems. I worked at Central Market through school and had a few internships with different companies. Before graduating in 2012, I found out about the SADC program at H-E-B, applied and got in. It’s specifically for programmers and developers and includes a lot of special training and certifications. It was a great program for me just coming out of college.

    I first thought that H-E-B might have an IT department, but that it would be small. I was really surprised by the depth and breadth of IT here. In everything that goes into making the business run, from the warehouse to the stores, IT is helping improve efficiencies and make life easier. My current work is with the Pharmacy pricing area; I’m creating a pricing a tool for the analysts to competitively price prescription and over the counter drugs. H-E-B is always innovating through new technology and apps built from the ground up! It’s awesome that in my role as a developer, I actually get a say in what techs are used to help improve the business.

    More than any other company, H-E-B has character. You know when you’re at an H-E-B store and when something is an H-E-B product.   I grew up in Washington, shopping at other stores, and when I moved here I instantly recognized the uniqueness of H-E-B. There’s a strong connection to the community. The culture at H-E-B is very friendly. The work itself has a vibe that feels like a family, versus strictly a business. People matter and that’s reflected in the idea of our Partners – you’re more than what you do. There’s a real sense of pride in being an H-E-B Partner.

  • Kristen, Software Developer - H-E-B Careers
    Software Engineering
    Kristen, Software Developer - H-E-B Careers
    Kristen, Software Developer

    When I arrived at H-E-B for my interview, I was not only blown away by how friendly and genuinely happy everyone was, but also by how big the IT department is and H-E-B’s investment in technology. Growing up in San Antonio, I was familiar with H-E-B and their involvement in the community, but it wasn’t until a professor of mine suggested I apply for a developer position, that I even gave thought to beginning my career with them. Once I joined, I quickly learned that IT plays a critical role in keeping an organization the size of ours running and that we’re constantly innovating.

    My work at H-E-B is anything but boring. Typically as a developer, your focus is on one small aspect of the project. Here, I have the opportunity to work front-end to back-end, and be a full stack developer. Plus, I get to work on so many new and different technologies – it’s never the same day in and day out – which can be a challenge, but keeps me learning and that’s incredibly rewarding!

    Even more rewarding is how we are encouraged to spend time giving back to the community. As a female in Tech, it’s important to me that young girls know the opportunities available to them in STEM careers. Recently, I was part of a group of female developers that visited with the girls at Girls, Inc. and shared some of our knowledge with them – it was so amazing to see the excitement the girls had for technology. I felt so blessed to be able to share that with them and to be a part of a company who truly cares for people and our future generations. Everything we do at H-E-B is for people, and making other’s lives better.

    I LOVE my job at H-E-B!

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